High Water

by High Water

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Hector Jaime
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Hector Jaime great album. great set at Backyard Coffee in Redwood City. Hope you guys play there again soon. Favorite track: Feral.
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released February 4, 2014



all rights reserved


High Water San Mateo, California

Old friends playing new music.

SF Bay Area


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Track Name: Garage Window
Garage Window

I think I’ve found a reason
that I hold the belief.
I can’t commit to memory.
In this particular case I don’t see the reason why -
details are full color here.
You paint it as a cynic, unfolded as it has.
On good days, I wait before I speak.

I don’t want to see where you are.
I don’t want to breathe what you are.
I don’t want to know what you thought.
Sometimes it’s better to move on.

So much is arbitrary.
What does it mean to be fair?
The gut can speak a volume, clear.
With dissonance as nature
and analysis as rule,
it’s a condition that I know.
On good days there will be mercy -
patience can be a home.
The scent upon the air gives rise.
Track Name: Golden

Shadows of the driveway speak.
I’ve been brought to a knee.
I struck out most recently into golden failure heat.
I’ve been caught in stranger things.
I’ve hidden out for days.
And when I go to you I fail to be what we need.

I couldn’t leave.
Not for anything - so far away.

I know that it’s been a while,
with changes to the words I speak,
and things I think you won’t believe.
With everything in real time -
a core ache for a different kind -
you have made me feel inspired.

Out where the breeze sets in,
I’ll rove the streets at night.
Leaves know to rustle when it’s threatening a bit too quiet.
I’ll come off from the hill,
make my way down the drag,
halfway determined to find strength within what we have.

I tried to tell you everything I knew there.
You said a fool is one who doesn’t learn from.
I tried to tell you everything I mean there.
I don’t want to lose you but I need to find truth.
Track Name: Lookin at the Sun
Lookin at the Sun

So you want to be a drop of fresh ink
before you wash away.
Sometimes you will speak
to faces you will meet
like lookin at the sun.
You’ll dream of ironwork
and beauty lost to learn -
an issuance to come.
You’ll hold to buoyancy,
filled up literally,
for morning to be wrung.

Say where you are.

There will be times that you see that everything that you revere is blurred.
A product of the physical, the temporal, obstacle you’d burn.

You look to the land
to learn the meaning of
what it is to learn to love.
You find resilience along the waterways -
familiar and deep-set.
Out to the hinterlands,
something that’s to be had,
to be breathed or proved.
Fulcrum to bring it back,
lest it be left beyond the frame of thought you had.

Far out there -
the way that you believe,
things you want to see.
Far out there -
you are broken sweet,
stubborn as can be that way.
Track Name: Scale

It’s been a long time -
with sunlight in my eyes
and a lot to be desired.
Yet with a clear mind,
I still lack hindsight,
so I’ll leave for a while.

Every day I have a reason.
Can’t you see I try to be everywhere I can?
That doesn’t mean that I will feel right,
when I have to leave something sitting on the wayside.

Consider lost light -
the feel of life
slipping right through your hands.
Consider distance and time -
a failure to stay in stride.

It could be a long trial
or end of the line -
I looked it in the eye.
It’s often quickly
that words escape peace.
It leaves me filled with fire.

Dead silence as I’m trying to describe
the feeling of the outside leaning in.
A pillar I do seek and I rely,
a structure built upon resilience.

Every day I have a reason.
Can’t you see I try?
Track Name: Idle Might
Idle Might

The daylight is weak now
and silver these days.
I walk alone at times -
shut eyes won’t wait.
You’ve seen me drift away -
a satellite.
It’s not all that it seems -
idle might.

It’s nothing that dried flowers don’t mean.
Pushing closer it would seem.

The way I see it,
it’s so far gone.
It’s of a bloodline,
I heard you say,
and I won’t find a way you want.

I’ll wait for a little while
to see the shape.
I’m not the only one -
a worthless claim.
I value eyes so black,
because it’s a way.
I held my tongue last night -
Track Name: Feral

It's a shallow word
in this case.
And it's a shame to talk this way.
I know you try to look at ways -
but this is close - a shifted blame.
It can always stand to polarize
but that's not at all the whole point.
We're pushing forward tooth and claw
over the gifts of page.

The ways of wild don't have a thing to do with how it really is.
It's not about the strength or speed or thing that you call "obligate."
So walk with me for a while and I will show you.
Stay with me for a while and we can read through.

Of the same page as dawning days -
the same struggle to be a part.
Many days I lose the same -
which is why we could be one.
A habit controls this case.
Proportion left out of place.
To learn of the impact's weight
could be to want -- to learn.

The ways of wild don't have a thing to do with how it really is.
It's not about the strength or speed or thing that you call "obligate."
So walk with me for a while and I will show you.
Stay with me for a while and we can read through.

You say it is.
Was never read.
Never reviewed.
Not one of you.
Track Name: Jersey

Hey, long day.
The sun seeps through the fabric
as I see what I have left to process and resolve.
It’s not a thing when I compare it to
the call that you went through at the end of the week.

There was a voice that I heard quite different -
the one that I knew,
the one calling for you.

Jersey way - with blackout of currents,
lost upon the news and speech.
If you go - I would have done the same,
with circumstance to blame.
I would be off.

Not to say you’re wrong,
but I can’t help but process the thought.

There was a voice that I just remember -
someone I think was tied very closely, very deeply on.
Track Name: Blue Highway
Blue Highway

I sought you out for a long time.
With your mind you are even.
We fought underneath fluorescence.
Listened at the creek by your place.
Shot to LA and then back home.
Laughed there by the county juvie.

Say I’m there.
Say it’s right.
You believe.

I don’t want to be the one in that way -
when you think about the thing that I fear.

There’s nothing left but a wait out.
Sight wore off - candid.
We wove away through the mountains.
Lost light quickly through the fields.
Gas station vittles running empty.
Made our way through the valley.

I don’t want to be the one in that way -
when you leave and you have cause
I don’t know.

I didn’t mean what I said.
The road took on the nightfall.
You mean so much to me.
Track Name: The Other Side
The Other Side

I see the hair upon your shoulders.
You have a thought upon your way.
There is a statement in your footing -
uneasy in your way of grace.

All the times I have looked over
and seen a complicated smile.
Keep it headstrong but sideways.

I’ll see you on the other side - you see it right.

This last year has been a transition.
I’d utter names I would regret.
And now you occupy the sunset -
long shadows of the afternoon.

The only lie that ever mattered
was enough to make me stop.
A kind of patient satisfaction -
the kind of thing that’s lost to view.
Track Name: Slow Death
Slow Death

It is a fine line between sun-soaked and bleached.
And energy and spirit-south.
A brimming, seething feeling, front door bound.
Retreating for another’s sake.

To wait outside for evening sky to influence a train of thought.
I’ve watched as years had followed
and wondered of the cost.

One of the only memories to stand to time -
one of a chronicle of doubt.
In spite of power that is manifest,
it hurt the ones who’ve been so kind.
As clear as memory has it,
so hath regret.
And I would learn, long, I would learn.
So I now wait upon the top of the stairs
and think about where I have been.

To wait outside for evening sky to influence a train of thought.
I’ve seen as years had followed.
Would it not be lost?
I’d will it not be lost.
Track Name: Pitfall

So it seems that I’m not done.
Transmission from a precious one.
I’ll admit I am surprised to see this old thing.

Because it seems late to rear its head,
although I know it’s my fault instead.

There are days that bring me back.
Things that sure sunk in deep.
Lessons of the finest kind don’t fail to reach me.

Because I got caught -
my mind swung up -
to deliberate.

A set-down way to feel a swell.
Slow walk to describe a hell.
Nothing that I really want to know.

You won’t smile,
or cut a break.
With the southern wind’s endless take.
Not giving up seems the way,
but the Old Crow marked the day.

When something feels done,
I don’t want to say
it’s because we’re both from such different states.

This something feels done,
so I have to say
this all feels gut-wrong in recent days.
Track Name: Backlit

I used to see you drive your car down the hill,
headed off to a job.
I would meet you out with your girl at night.
We would go for a walk.

It doesn’t seem too long ago,
but I can’t hold the thought.
The drawing you did is a cue.
I don’t know what to miss.

Silhouette I hadn’t seen for a while -
but I knew it was you.
Streetlights shined back and I stepped inside,
and watched you moved through the room.

I stood beside you, mistook to be brothers, and how,
we had spent some long nights.
Now it’s not clear what distance has given us.
For that, I want to try.

We’re not the type to lose everything that we wanted to say.
So buy us some time where we can sit down, and remember the days.

There were so many old friends.
I’m not sure how I did.
The skyline can beckon so long.
Problems hold fast and strong.

Silhouette I hadn’t seen for a while -
but I knew it was you.
Streetlights shined back and I stepped inside.
You were the room.

I’m aware of the danger of contrast, so I try to bear it in mind.
Track Name: Ugly Teeth
Ugly Teeth

I could hear the footsteps
following each other along.
In search of finer climates,
and all the things we want.

Keep an ear upon the
common circuits that we weave,
because I’ve been looking forward
to the plan I had for you and me - waiting.

It was a long time that I left.
The winds had turned me in, I guess.
I did my time in Angeles,
then headed back home for a rest.

When you have a reason,
go on and pass it on along.
Staying candid is needed
all the way to build upon.

Long time away from you,
and all the things we got into -
hit like a stormdrain overwhelmed.
Warm light, I think of you.
I have to say I’m thankful, too,
and looking forward to the rest.

I’ll meet you in The Gardens
after we’re run off of the road.
Stuck hard-up on a lonesome tune that won’t let go.
The kind of evening that is
unseasonable in the least -
somewhere to place the blame,
a kinetic dearth I would forget.

It was a long time that I left,
the winds had turned me in, I guess.
When ugly teeth do lesson wrest,
I think of you, my friend.